Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Accentuate the positive

Today really kinda sucked. It started with an impossible project kick off that I'm not going to talk about here, and then went on to include a root canal. Oh, and I found out I need a porcelain crown on the tooth, and this could set me back between anywhere from $700 to $2400, depending on where the procedure is done.*

But nothing is all bad. It's not going to be as taxing financially as I thought. Not because of any good planning on my part. Just good fortune and timing.

For years, I specialized in card marketing. To learn more about our competitors, I said "yes" to every credit card offer that came my way. Consequently, I have a drawer full of cards. 

One card has $140 in unused cashback rewards. I used that one to pay today's $387 bill for the root canal. I just cut my portion by more than 30%. Yea!

My Sears Master Card just sent me a "please come back" offer: 0% financing for 18 months on any single purchase over $549. I called and asked if the service of a dentist counted as a purchase. It does!

So for all I have on my mind right now, money is not one of them and I'm grateful.

 *My dentist just retired and referred me to an endodontist for the root canal. I have to find a new dentist to handle the crown.