Friday, February 20, 2009

What I've been dreaming of

It's official: This March I'm returning to Chateau Elan in Atlanta. Here are photos of the suite I booked. Isn't it grand? Larissa, my personal spa rep, helped me put together my own individual"spa itinerary." Two full days of yummy, relaxing pampering. I'm going to be made up and massaged and exfoliated and wrapped. Since all my meals are included and my suite is right there in the spa, it's possible that I could literally stay in my fluffy white robe for both days. (I tend to get antsy, though, so I'll probably get dressed every now and again to wander the vineyards.)

I'll come back revitalized, refreshed, and ready for baseball season!

Friday 5

Friday 5 for February 20: Souvenirs

  1. Is there a certain kind of souvenir you always bring back for a particular someone? My 9-year old nephew loves those little plastic bracelets first made popular by Livestrong. If I can find one bearing the name of place he's never been, it makes him happy.
  2. Of the souvenirs you’ve collected from your travels, what are some that have special meaning for you? I have a snowglobe from a quick jaunt to LA with my best friend. I don't know why, but it really touches me.
  3. What’s the silliest souvenir you’ve brought back for yourself, or what’s the silliest souvenir someone has brought back for you? My friends in Key West got me my very own Robert the Haunted Doll. The original Robert is in a museum down there, and he's supposedly imbued with dark magic powers, and the tales completely cracks me up. I'm proud to have my own.
  4. If you were going to send someone a souvenir from places you visited today, what might it be? A pencil with a worn out eraser. That kinda sums up my day so far … a lot of writing and a lot of rewriting.

This goes out to You Know Who (both of 'em)

For different reasons, of course.

MY BELOVED FUTURE HALL OF FAMER GREG MADDUX. This is my first spring training in more than 20 years without you!

MY BEST FRIEND. This is your first trip to Chicago where we haven't even spoken to one another!

Fortunately, I ain't missing either of you. No, not at all.