Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tony Hayward is a heartless creep

From the Guardian:

BP chief executive Tony Hayward under fire for 'there's no one who wants this over more than I do. I'd like my life back' comment
Kipper Williams BP

PS I suppose I should note that the heartless creep apologized for his comment. Gee, thanks.

What the he ....

How can the Gores be splitting up? To borrow from Christian Science Monitor: After lasting four decades through a deployment to Vietnam, four children, the near-death of one child, a vice presidency, a presidential election, and a Nobel Peace Prize, Al and Tipper Gore’s separation after 40 years of marriage came as a shock to Americans.

How does this happen? It makes me so sad.

For in spite of the fact that I personally am no good at love, I want everyone else to be. Al and Tipper met at a high school dance, for Christ's sake! How could they not make it work?

Oh well, at least it distracted me, at least for a moment, from fixating on BP disaster.

"I Want" Wednesday

According to PEOPLE, Candy Spelling (Aaron's widow and Tori's mom) lives in a $150 million mansion with three rooms -- 3 entire rooms! -- devoted gift wrapping supplies. Three rooms filled with rolls of paper and scissors and tape and bows and expansive tables to work on. So this week's question is:

What special room do you want in your home?

While my "want" seems modest compared to Mrs. Spellings trio of wrapping rooms, I long for my very own laundry room. Ideally with one washer and two dryers -- one for towels and jeans and one for lower heat -- and a nice, long, clean table for folding. Little cubbies for my detergent and fabric softener and stain removers, etc. and a docking station with powerful speakers for my iPod would be nice, too. And wouldn't it be terrific if it looked out onto a patio so when the weather is nice I could dry my sheets outdoors?

What about you? What special room do you want in your home?