Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"I Want" Wednesday

According to PEOPLE, Candy Spelling (Aaron's widow and Tori's mom) lives in a $150 million mansion with three rooms -- 3 entire rooms! -- devoted gift wrapping supplies. Three rooms filled with rolls of paper and scissors and tape and bows and expansive tables to work on. So this week's question is:

What special room do you want in your home?

While my "want" seems modest compared to Mrs. Spellings trio of wrapping rooms, I long for my very own laundry room. Ideally with one washer and two dryers -- one for towels and jeans and one for lower heat -- and a nice, long, clean table for folding. Little cubbies for my detergent and fabric softener and stain removers, etc. and a docking station with powerful speakers for my iPod would be nice, too. And wouldn't it be terrific if it looked out onto a patio so when the weather is nice I could dry my sheets outdoors?

What about you? What special room do you want in your home?


  1. I agree a laundry room would be awesome. I'd like a den, too, though, someplace official for my computer & books and stuff.

    I read that and gasped... my apartment is three rooms (not counting the bathroom). Gah.

  2. I lusted after a laundry room too when I lived in an apartment and had to drag my bag o'clothes down to the laundromat. Bleah.

    Now I lust after a true woo-woo room/office. I have it in my head, I just need to get to manifesting! :-)
    It would be light, airy and have walls lined with books and little statues and stuff. I want it.

  3. A library/office. I would love to be able to buy as many books as I want without worrying about space issue...and enough room to have a private space to write.


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