Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Four in a row

The Cubs swept the Cardinals. The Cubs beat the Marlins Monday night.

I know it's unrealistic to expect a repeat of the 2016 World Series. Unless you lived in Cincinnati in the 1970s, you know how hard it is for National League teams to repeat.

But I've come to really like this winning thing. It makes all the difference in the world to my mood.

Like you aren't?

Ariana Grande headlined "One Love Manchester," a benefit for the victims of suicide bomber who attacked her May 22 concert. Coming as it did less than 24 hours after the terrorist attack in London, this concert was an important act of affirmation and defiance for the Brits.

Paul McCartney understands and embraces what he means to British culture. America has been the home to many music stars, but there's only one Elvis ... and there's only one Graceland, which has National Historic Landmark status. It's been said that Paul understood his place in history on a very real level when -- without his consent or active cooperation -- The National Trust purchased and restored his boyhood home in Liverpool.

From his "One Manchester" message
And so Sir Paul McCartney participated in "One Love Manchester." Of course he did. This boy who grew up in the wreckage of The Blitz did his part and videotaped a message that was broadcast to the crowd.

I saw the clip itself on a Facebook Beatle fansite. Since he has a Big Birthday coming up -- he turns 75 on June 19 -- I was happy to see him out there, rehearsing for his own tour. He's clearly gray, wrinkled and jowly. But he's healthy, he's active, he's a treasure, and I'm grateful he's still here.

Amidst all the "love you, Paul!" messages in response to his video, there was one fan who sniffed, "Paul's sure showing his age."

I figured that was from one of the third/fourth generation Beatle fans who is currently going track by track through the remastered anniversary Sgt. Pepper and is shocked to see Paul isn't still the 25-year-old in Edwardian garb. Imagine my surprised when I clicked on that fan's Facebook photo and found a bald man with a snowy white mustache.

I guess Paul's three score and 15 year old visage gives this man a mirror he can't accept.

In response to "Paul's sure showing his age," I posted: "Aren't we all?"

We original Beatlemaniacs are the survivors. We can all name fans who are no longer here. We all still mourn John (murder) and George (cancer) and Brian (suicide) and George Martin (old age). Instead of being snarky or being in denial, let's celebrate and love that we're still listening to "the band we've known for all these years."