Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm jealous

My oldest friend is moving to California. Right now, as we speak. And I'm jealous.

Not of her move to Beverly Hills. I'm happy for her because it's a wonderful opportun
ity, but I'm not interested in leaving the most livable city ever -- Chicago.

Instead I'm jealous of the move itself, and the road trip she's on. Last night she stayed at the Days Inn in Lincoln, NB. Tonight is a Holiday Inn in Henderson, CO. What an adventure she's having!

I've often thought it would be neat to just go to Union Station and get on the next train out, stopping in a place I've never been and spending a day or two there. Her trip reminds me that I still haven't done that.

Someday ...

Naughty Gal

I gave in to my dark side yesterday. On the way out of the office, I took a candy bar out of one my coworkers' mail slots and scarfed it down lustily, greedily.

It was milk chocolate. And she's a pompous pain in the ass.

I only feel guilty that I don't feel guilty.