Thursday, March 08, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

My annual spa trip is just over three weeks away! I have reservations for four nights at the Chiswell-Bucktrout Kitchen, one of the Colonial Houses on the grounds of Colonial Williamsburg. Three sessions of pampering are booked over three consecutive days, at the spa right there at the resort. My flights are free, thanks to my Citi/AA credit card. I have transportation to and from ORD. Now I'm just waiting to book the same to get me from and to RIC.

I like this part of travel. When you're planning, when you're anticipating all the fun you'll have, before the bills come in.

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My grandma would have called it "a foundation garment"

I'm talking about that powerful Lycra/spandex thing I will be wearing under my gray slacks when I present to the client. Cass calls it a "contour boyleg panty" but I call it uncomfortable. However it's that or suicide, as I promised myself if I ever got to the point where I couldn't fit into those gray slacks I'd kill myself.