Wednesday, September 01, 2010

August Happiness Challenge 2010 -- In Review

Another August is over and another Happiness Challenge in the books. As I look back, what has made me happy is like a thumbnail sketch of my life.

5 references to my friends -- The family I chose. I love them and don't know what I'd do without them.

3 references to baseball -- Impressive when you consider how much this Cubs season has sucked. Even when they underperform, they're still my guys and I still love them.

3 references to my cats -- Joey, Charlotte and Reynaldo, my fur family, who provide unconditional love as they teach me about tolerance and nature.

3 references to perks at work -- The view from my new office, summer hours, good insurance ... Benefits are as important as the regular paycheck and I'm lucky to have them.

2 references each to books, TV and music … and chocolate.

There you have it -- a microcosm of The Gal's life.

I Want Wednesday

I want to look like Mariska Hargitay.

Don't you?

August Happiness Challenge 2010 -- Day 31

My introduction to reflexology. Got a yummy, hour-long foot massage for just $40 (a $95 value -- thank you, Groupon). The reflexologist told me she was working through residual congestion in my lungs and sinuses by pressing on my feet -- which was fascinating because I did feel a little stuffy but hadn't mentioned it to her, so maybe there is something to this. But mostly it just felt soooo relaxing to have her rub and press on my feet that I actually dozed off. She used cornstarch instead of lotion, which was unexpectedly refreshing on such a hot, humid day.

In all, a great way to end a happy month!