Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday 9

1) Do you prefer your pickle sliced thin, sliced thick, or in a spear? I like the spear when it's served on the side with my burger or sandwich. I'll happily munch it solo. But if I'm having pickles on my sandwich or burger, I prefer sweet relish.

2) What kind of eggs do you like best for breakfast? I like all eggs. Scrambled with diced ham. In an omelet with cheese and spinach. Over easy or poached. It's all good. (Can you tell I'm thinking of heading over to the coffee shop for breakfast this morning?)

3) If you got 2 pennies for change, would you pocket them or leave them on the counter for the next person? I'd take them because I save pennies in a red piggy bank (a gift from a coworker). It holds about 750, and when it's full I take it to the Coinstar machine and give myself a little present. Last year I got an Amazon gift certificate, this year, one from Red Robin (yum).
4) You’re now in charge of the manners for the planet. Tell us the new rules for cellphone etiquette. NOT at the table! My friend Barb used to check her phone all the time while we were eating, until one evening I told her if she touched it one more time, I was getting out my hardcover book and beginning to read. She never did it again. My oldest friend needs to shape up her phone manners, too. She takes her son's every utterance way too seriously (he's now 25) and I've seen her take his call during a lecture and a museum exhibit. I know he's had problems in the past, but the last call turned out to be about whether he should pick up cat food at the grocery store or Petco. That certainly could have waited.

5) You’re about to write a novel. What genre will it be (sci fi, chick lit, historical fiction, comic …)? I'm writing a novel right now. Does that sound pretentious? It shouldn't, because November means NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and people all over the country are working on that idea that's been rattling around in their hands. Anyway, mine is historical fiction, set in the mid 19th century.

6) Is it a bad thing to lie to save a friend’s feelings? Usually, no. Especially if the question is something like, "Do you like my hair?" Sometimes, though, if it's a serious matter, people need to hear the truth if they are to move ahead in their lives, and who better to tell them than a friend? So it depends on the situation.

7) Is your big toe your longest toe? Yes.

8) Hot stone massage: yea or nay? Yea.

9) Do you check the mirror before going out? Yes.