Friday, October 29, 2021

Saturday 9

 Saturday 9: Werewolves of London (1978)

Unfamiliar with this week's featured song? Hear it here.
1) In this song, Warren Zevon sees a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand. He wanted beef chow mein. If we Saturday 9ers got together for Chinese, what would you likely order? Fried rice and an egg roll. And, of course, a fortune cookie.

2) He also says the werewolf's hair was perfect. Are you having a good hair day? Yes.

3) Linda Ronstadt was a big Warren Zevon fan and recorded several of his songs. Do you have a favorite Linda Ronstadt song? "Cause I'll love you and lose again." It captures how I felt when I was very much in love with the wrong man.

4) Warren Zevon admitted being afraid of doctors and avoided check ups. Are you scared when you go to the doctor or dentist for a routine visit? Nope. Though I should be. I was victim of dental malpractice earlier this year. But it didn't leave me scared. I'm pissed.

5) In 1935, the movie Werewolf of London was released. Do you enjoy being frightened by scary movies? Depends on the movie. Psycho is one of Alfred Hitchcock's best and I appreciate it on so many levels. But it's more about the twisted characters and the suspense than the violence. You never see a knife touching flesh in Psycho. Movies about slashing and guts upset me but don't interest me.

6) In your younger days, did you ever trick or treat while dressed as a monster? I recall so few of my childhood costumes. My mom always picked them out for us, and we had to wear our coats over them anyway. But knowing my mom, we were likely never dressed as monsters.

7) When you were a kid, what sweet treats were you happiest to receive? I loved Mary Janes, the sticky peanut butter-and-molasses candies I only got at Halloween. My sister hated them, so she was happy to trade them for my M&Ms. Win/win.

8) Can you see any Halloween decorations as you answer these 9 questions? Nope.

9) Halloween is most popular in the United States and Canada, and isn't really celebrated at all in Japan or South Korea. How would you explain our Halloween customs to a visitor from another land? I'd say it's when we celebrate fantasy and imagination.