Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My cat Joey refuses to tell a joke

He's both sensitive and PC. We love that about him.

Get a Voki now!

August Happiness Challenge 2010 -- Day 4

From almost the very first moment Reynaldo joined my household in 2004, he has fixated on capturing and holding my attention in his furry grip. My best friend has always maintained that Rey is good for me, that his shenanigans keep me sharp, that it's good for me to be challenged on my home turf now and again. That's how we began referring to Reynaldo as his cat. As in "You won't believe what your cat just did!" and "My cat knows just how to handle you."

This week my best friend is on vacation with his family in Southern California. He sent "his" cat a dinnertime email with this photo attached, telling the feline wildman that he can eat whatever he catches. Since Rey seldom gets messages from the coast, he'll be thrilled. And it makes me happy that my bud's thinking of both of us today. I'm glad we live now, because it makes keeping in touch this way so much easier, and little things like this can mean a lot.

He's here, he's huge, and yet we're not supposed to notice

Today is Wednesday. As of Monday, there were two major changes in management here at work. It took the powers that be a while to inform us of the first, but they did it yesterday. The second one has yet to be announced.

It's weird because we all know something is going on, we just don't know what, or why. In this industry, and in this economy, that's troublesome.

One of my coworkers went straight to one of those directly involved and got "the scoop." I'm glad he shared his intel with me because I'm a worrier.

Now that I'm no longer worried, though, I'm simply annoyed. Why must we take achingly simple things and make them soooo complicated?

I Want Wednesday

I want to know why I'm getting zits again NOW! I have one on my right cheek and another on the right side of my chin. Neither is as bad as the ones I used to get in the bad old days, but I'm unhappy nonetheless. My diet's been all over the place. I wonder if that's it. Maybe it's the sunscreen I slathered on rather liberally over the weekend ...

What about you? What do you want this Wednesday?