Saturday, September 08, 2012

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Do You Want to Dance

1. When was the last time that you danced in public? Last night! The Boss was at Wrigley Field. Two of his last numbers were “Dancing in the Dark” and “Twist and Shout,” both of which I did. It was a glorious night. I will post more later.

2. Tell us about one of your closest friends. I attended last night’s glorious event with Mindy. We met in (gulp!) 1981. She was one of the girls who was with me, back when we all were girls, the night in Indianapolis when we met Bruce Springsteen. I think it was very telling that her husband contacted a limo service from his iPhone during the concert to arrange their ride home. She was a different girl in that different time – now she’s a career woman with a lifestyle to support. But she’s self employed, and so she has stayed true to herself. She always hated working for someone else. So while her choices wouldn’t be mine, I admire the way she took the wheel and drove her life where she wanted it to go.

3. What is the most that you have ever lost? Time.

4. What was the last thing that you have done to help a neighbor? I collected my neighbor’s newspapers for him every morning when he was on vacation. He’s an older gentleman believes that both leaving your papers sit by the front door and putting the service on vacation hold invite break-ins. I was happy to do it because I know it put his mind at ease.

5. It’s election season. What do you think the priorities of the United States really should be? Compassion for our fellow Americans. Our neighbors are suffering. I am reminded of what Broooooooce sang last night, about “the promise from sea to shining sea, wherever this flag is flown, we take care of our own.”

6. What was the last severe weather situation that you and your neighbors endured? This summer’s unremitting heat was a bitch.

7. Have you been or are you a vegetarian? Thoughts? No. And I really have no deep thoughts about it. Sorry.

8. If you had a wish for your future, what would it be? Security for myself and my loved ones.

9. Who just doesn’t get it? Those who don’t get the difference between “a handout” and “a hand up.” We take care of our own! (This was the last question, so I can’t work in any additional Springsteen references.)


Up and running again

The little gremlins who allow me to access the internet are cooperating again and soon I'll be updating. So much to get down before I forget it all!

Thanks to everyone for your sincere good wishes. I appreciate them more than you can ever know.