Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thursday Thirteen #145



When I was off on disability leave, I watched a lot of TV. And, consequently, saw a lot of Allan Melvin (1923-2008). He was:

1) Sam, Alice's butcher-beau on The Brady Bunch.

2) Sol (or Sam), Rob's Army buddy on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

A real menace to Mayberry, terrorizing characters on The Andy Griffith Show as ...

3) Payroll robber Clarence "Doc" Malloy

4) Conman Jake, part of a scam used-car ring

5) The escaped convict who ruins Andy's fishing trip

6) Gomer's Pyle's service buddy Charlie on spin-off Gomer Pyle, USMC

7) Mr. Wheeler of Hooterville on Green Acres

8) A nosy neighbor on My Favorite Martian

9) Archie Bunker's friend Barney on All in the Family

10) The voice of Magilla Gorilla

11) The voice of Drooper on The Banana Splits

12) The voice of Yogi Bear

13) The voice of of both stone-agers and jetsetters on The Flintstones and The Jetsons

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I'm so tired. My mind is on the blink ...

This has been me for the last few hours. I'm sitting here, I appear present here at my desk, but I'm really fuzzy.

I got here fine. I went through about a gazillion emails and responded to a few. Attended a staff meeting. Got hugged and listened to gossip. Ate lunch at my desk and then ... cuh-rash! I hydraulically shut down.

We got a new assignment today that I said I could handle just fine on my own. That was at 3:00. It's 5:15 and I haven't begun working on it yet. I simply can't.

Tomorrow there won't be any meetings. I can make serious headway on the project tomorrow. For now, I'm going home to take a nap. Hopefully a nice little doze will bring everything back into focus!

Exactly how it feels

I'm sitting here, pre-dawn, eating a cup of Yoplait, unable to sleep. Partly because I've ravenous these days, partly because my incision gets a little uncomfortable and makes my sleep fitful, and partly because I'm nervous about returning to work tomorrow.

Nervous about a job I have had for 7 years!

It's a bit concerning to me because while I can be a mess in other areas of my life, this job is where the earth beneath my feet has always felt solid.

I have no reason to believe that my return won't be successful. But that doesn't stop me from being nervous.

These early morning butterflies have a familiar feeling ... deja back-to-school!

Thanks to everyone for leaving advice and good wishes on this here old blog. They make me happy and leave me feeling (a bit) more confident. Much appreciated!