Sunday, March 03, 2024

Three Nice Things About Myself -- Day 3

My blogging buddy, Kwizgiver, wrote a post that really resonated with me. She detailed how self-care helped her helped her prevail during a (ridiculously) tough month. Her tips were very wise and so doable! So she has inspired me to take one and integrate it into my own life.

Since I can be a pretty harsh self-critic, this is the one I chose. I hope I can do this every day during March. By then it should be a habit, right?

Three nice things about myself -- March 3:

1) I'm a Swiftie. Little girls were selling friendship bracelets from a card table in their front yard. "1$" said the sign. I bought one. The girls were unutterably adorable and I think I was their only customer. I like that I notice things in my neighborhood and that I'm willing to stop. 

2) I'm a good cat mom. Connie and Roy Hobbs are comfortable, with me and with one another. I believe that's because I let them be cats and don't try to train them or change them. As I watch a friend attempt to make her cats conform to some preconceived notion of how they should behave, I am grateful that I have such respect for their feline idiosyncrasies and spirits. (I think I inherited this from my mom.)

3) I remembered. When I got out of bed this morning, my back felt creaky. I haven't been able to attend yoga class and I haven't been doing my morning stretches and now I hurt. But instead of beating myself up for forgetting the stretches, I shall avoid the negative self talk and celebrate that today I remembered. I did my stretches.