Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: LIttle Red Corvette

1) The subject of this song is frankly sexual. Do you blush easily? I don't think so

2) Prince is his real name (Prince Rogers, to be exact). Growing up, his relatives called him "Skipper." Do you have any nicknames within your family? When I was really young, my dad used to call me "Mouse" and "Andy Panda."

3) Prince says he's "obsessed" with Mozart and reads whatever he can find about the composer. What's the last book you read? I just finished Cop Town, by Karin Slaughter. It's a compelling thriller, but very violent.

4) Between Prince and The Beach Boys, the Corvette is a much sung-about car. Tell us about your vehicle. No car

5) In the 1980s, when Prince was popular, MTV could turn a song into a hit. In 2014, how do you hear new music? At the the health club or while watching TV. I listen to the oldies station in the morning, so no new music there.

6) In 1982, when "Little Red Corvette" ruled the airwaves, Braniff Airways shocked the travel industry and threw passengers into chaos by declaring bankruptcy. When did you last fly? Did your trip go smoothly? It's been six months. I was in the Keys for Christmas, and I don't recall any hassles going to or fro.

7) 1982 is also the year Disney opened Epcot. Have you ever been to a Disney park? I've been to both DisneyWorld and Disneyland. Loved them both. And really, how could you not?

8) 1982 is the year Cheers premiered. The sitcom was set in a bar where "everybody knows your name." Tell us about your favorite local bar or restaurant. There's a rather upscale coffee shop here in town that I like. They add creative touches to old familiar recipes (so far, my favorite is the salmon benedict).

9) The 1980s were considered a highpoint in professional tennis, with Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe dominating the sport. Do you play tennis? No. I'm the most remarkably uncoordinated person you'll ever meet.