Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Green Meme

1. What is your current obsession? Getting back into shape. I didn't expect to be thinking of it as much as I am.

2. What’s a good coffee place? I don't drink coffee. Sorry.

3. Who was the last person that you hugged? Dave, one of the art directors at work.

4. Do you nap a lot? I only nap on weekends.

5. Tonight, what’s for dinner? It's Easter, the first holiday that has my niece (a high school sophomore) taking over the cooking chores. I know we're having quiche, a broccoli dish and ham. The rest will be a surprise. She's very excited and serious about this.

6. What was the last thing that you bought? Chocolate covered strawberries. (I'm in charge of dessert for Easter dinner.)

7. What is your favorite weather? I love those perfect transitional days in spring and fall -- 65º or so and sunny and dry and filled with promise of the days to come.

8. Tell us something about one blogger who you think will play this week? Kwizgiver has a new puppy in her life.

9. If you were given a free house that was full furnished, where in the world would you like it to be? Right here. I love my neighborhood.

10. Name three things that you could not live without. iPod, cable TV, moisturizer

11. What would you like in your hands right now? (Diverting eyes demurely as I blush) It's inappropriate to answer that truthfully on Easter Sunday.

12. What’s one of your guilty pleasures? I looooove bad TV. Like Nancy Grace.

13. What would you change or eliminate about yourself? I want to feel sexy and feminine again.
14. As a child, what type of career did you want? First a grade school teacher, then a journalist.

15. What are you missing right now? My former, thin self.

16. What are you currently reading? At this moment, nothing. I finished the wonder Oxygen yesterday, and haven't chosen a new one from the TBR pile yet.

17. What do you fear the most? Plane crash.

18. What’s the best movie that you’ve seen recently? Duplicity. It didn't get great reviews, but I enjoyed it.

19. What’s your favorite book from the past year? Oxygen, a fascinating, highly relatable novel.

20. Is there a comfort food from your childhood that you still enjoy? Hot chocolate with little marshmallows.