Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April Challenge -- Day 10

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A fruit you dislike and why.

Tomatoes! I love ketchup and tomato sauce, but raw tomatoes make my skin crawl. It's a tactile thing. The skin is too soft to contain the squish inside. And the insides are all runny and awful.

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But right now, I'm fine!

I was miserable Thursday night and Friday morning. I was uncomfortable Friday and Saturday. Since Saturday night, I have felt fine.

So what's going on? It looks like kidney stones. My doctor wants me to have a CT scan to be sure. At any rate, she doesn't think it's serious. Painful, but not deadly.

So Tuesday, I have to have a chat with my boss. I don't feel comfortable traveling hours downstate to our client's office for a presentation. Not if I could cramp up again, like I did Thursday night.

I've had to cover for him a lot lately. Maybe it's time for him to cover for me. I can present over the phone. I can do that, even if I do have another attack. It's the travel that has me frightened.

Snow Much for Opening Day

Yes, Monday's Cub game was snowed out. Yes, it was disappointing. But at work we got free hot dogs anyway -- the head of our office is a massive Cubs fan -- and the news was filled with these rather amazing snow scenes.

Aren't my guys just the cutest in all of baseball? Why yes, they are!

As Cub manager Joe Maddon said, some of these players are from places like North Carolina, Nevada and Puerto Rico, so April snow is amazing and delightful. For some of us, it's ho-hum. I'm glad I was able to see it through their eyes.