Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Raisinettes were excellent

During my extended weekend, I slipped away and went to the movies. Downton Abbey, specifically.

While I was happy to see Downton again, as well as the familiar faces, upstairs and down, I was disappointed in the movie itself. There was slapstick involving the Royal visit that just seemed very out of character for this franchise, and it didn't even make me smile. Oh well, at least nothing tragic happened to Bates and Anna. They are my favorite couple, and it seemed that during the show's original run, they suffered a new Nietzche nightmare every week (murder trial, rape, more murder accusations ...). I'm happy to report that they, and their little boy, seem fine and happy and even a little delightfully dull for a change. And there were some kisses that left me swoony, and I "met" a new Royal  -- Princess Mary, the sister of The King who gave the speech and the Prince who gave up the throne for the woman he loved.

And I just love going to the movies. I love sitting there in the dark with my movie food, this time it was Raisinettes, waiting for the show to start. It was such a delicious way to spend a day off!