Monday, June 19, 2017

The perils of Connie

Monday was a thrill-packed day of danger for poor Connie the Girlcat.

First, the doorbell rang! This caused her to race into the closet to hide, and then the door closed. While she was shut in the darkness, the world was changing outside. Workmen -- who smelled and sounded strange and different -- hauled away the old mattress/box spring and set up the new one.

She had no sooner established that the new Serta iComfort Blue 100 Gentle mattress was safe than the fan jumped off the window sill and tried to kill her! She did the only prudent thing and ran back into the closet.

She cautiously ventured out into the living room and fate cruelly stepped in. The doorbell again! Another strange voice accompanied by strange smells! This was the air conditioning repairman. Today he just gave me an estimate and will return on Saturday morning to terrorize Connie anew and do the actual work.

Of course, Connie also had to contend with her arch-nemesis, the Freshmatic auto air freshener. It's not easy living with terror at every turn.