Tuesday, April 09, 2019

This made me so happy

Monday was Opening Day. Always important in my heart. So full of both memory and promise. When I think of Cubs Opening Day, that Springsteen lyric keeps going through my head: "I'm ready to grow young again."

I put on my Cub necklace and my Cub jacket and headed to the office. Imagine my surprise when I saw this scarf draped over my desktop file holder! Brand new, with tags still attached.

Kelly, a worker who sits near me but works on another account, said she recently found it in her drawer,  never worn, and thought of me and Opening Day. How sweet was that!

I didn't wear it. I told Kelly we were keeping it draped over my files like Christmas lights to celebrate the holiday. I thanked her again and again.

The Cubs beat the Pirates 10-0 in the Home Opener. I told Kelly it was the scarf. Obviously.

April Prompt -- Day 9

"Your life story in five sentences"

Born at the stroke of midnight, on the cusp of days and astrological signs.

Confounding and confounded growing up.

Found and made my own way.

Loved and lost.

Ready for the next chapter.

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Image courtesy of Youngkeit at FreeDigitalPhotos.net