Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Happy. Sad.

Ah, money! I'm sorry I spend as much time thinking about it, and worrying about it, as I do!

First I was happy. I got an alert from Expedia that airfares to Las Vegas had dropped. I went to American Airlines' website and found I could get a roundtrip ticket that had been $450+ for $160. YEA! I prefer flying American because I think their O'Hare terminal is easiest to navigate, and if I pay with my AA credit card, I get priority seating and extra miles. At $160, I can use my card, get all those benefits, and pay it off in full, saving on interest. Look how happy I am!

Then I was sad. I got a letter from my condo management company that I owe $167.08. I owe this because I am a moron and I paid the wrong amount on each of my four installments for the (ew! ick!) building bed bug extermination.

Then I was happy. Because I have been more responsible with my money as of late, I could cut a check for this amount from my "household expenses" fund. Good Gal!

Then I was sad. Because my check on 31st just doesn't go far enough.

I am a delicate flower with an artistic nature. I shouldn't be spending this much time thinking of filthy lucre.