Saturday, May 13, 2023

Try not being deplorable

I caught enough of Donald Trump on the CNN Town Hall to hear him disparage E Jean Carroll (again) and our legal system (again) and a woman reporter who tried to hold him responsible for his own actions (again). While his ignorance/arrogance cocktail no longer shocks me, it's still very icky.

No, it was the audience laughing at him. Cheering him. They shocked me. But here's what that enthusiastic MAGA crowd taught me:

1) If a woman doesn't report sexual abuse right away, it didn't happen. I was molested by a relative in 1974 and date raped by a boyfriend in December 1987. I didn't tell authorities about either incident because I was humiliated, frightened, and sure I wouldn't be believed. Feel free to tell me it didn't happen. Laugh at me, too. Go ahead. Prove to me that I was right to feel humiliated, frightened, and sure I wouldn't be believed. If I finally screw up the courage to come forward now and name names, perhaps to help other women, be sure to say I'm indulging in "a vendetta."

2) We should dismiss the E Jean Carroll verdict because the judge was "Clinton appointed." There's massive evidence on this blog that I am beyond contemptuous of Donald Trump. Therefore, if I am ever a litigant or defendant, I should be able to ignore any verdict overseen by a judge appointed by a Republican, right?

3) Call anyone who asks you to explain yourself "nasty." This is not rude or boorish. This does not make you a sociopath. It's called "owning" the person who has the temerity to hold you responsible for your own actions.

4) Engage in what-about-ism. Do not for one moment acknowledge the urge to throw up in your mouth while watching Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters because you know about Hunter Biden's laptop and "the swamp."

5) By all means, wrap yourself in my Christian faith. Laughing at assault victims, name-calling and any other form of antisocial behavior is all OK because you say you read the Bible regularly. I don't recall the passages where Jesus indulged in or endorsed any of this, but it's fine because of Hunter Biden's laptop and "the swamp."

Hillary Clinton once called Trump supporters "deplorable," and they objected strongly. Perhaps, if they find that term offensive, they should try acting less deplorably.

I shall leave you with this photo of peaceful tourists preparing to tour the Capitol on January 6. MAGA supporters think these people should receive pardons. Sure, why not? I mean, they're predominantly white and at least they didn't do anything really dangerous, like taking a knee before a football game.