Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Even hangers remind me of her

My mother liked to buy me hangers. Specifically padded "huggable hangers" she saw on HSN. She liked thinking of  the shoulders of my cardigans looking natural, not pointy.

I need more hangers. I went to CVS and bought 10 plastic tubular ones for less than $5. I paid for them using a CVS giftcard we found among my mom's things -- a card I bought her originally but she died before she could use. So in a way, she bought me the tubular hangers, too.

But I don't want these tubular hangers. I want the "huggable hangers" my mommy chose for me.

It's predawn and I'm sad about hangers.

Sometimes I don't think I'm taking this as well as I like to think I am.