Thursday, April 28, 2016

I feel like I'm cheating

On one of my trips to drop off a donation to Goodwill, I did a spin through the store. I wanted to check out prices because I never want to lie to the IRS when I claim the deduction at tax time.

Anyway, I found a sweater in my size, a brown v-neck by Sonoma (Kohl's brand). No tags attached, but it looked new. I paid less than $4.50 for it, and found it a similar one online and on sale for $24.99. Every time I wear it, like I am right now, I feel like I've gotten away with something.

Of course, if I drop stuff off at Goodwill and leave with other, different stuff, I'm not really solving my stuff problem, so I don't do this often. Also, if I shopped there regularly, I don't think finding such a bargain would feel so delicious.