Tuesday, February 15, 2022


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1. What are you currently reading? She Made Me Laugh by Richard M. Cohen. This is a memoir of the author's friendship with writer/director Nora Ephron. I admit I can't be objective about this. I always think of Nora Ephron as the Big Sister I was meant to have, and so far (about 30% in) I haven't changed my mind. She's smart and creative, versatile and productive, but not perfect. She's ridiculously certain about things she was wrong about, and very bossy. I don't mind. Hearing the less-than-perfect things make me trust the wonderful passages more.

BTW, I learned that, while at Wellesley, Nora dated a guy who was attending Harvard Law: Stephen Breyer. Her life was so incredibly awesome.

2. What did you recently finish reading? My Darling Husband by Kimberly Belle.  Oh, what a thrill ride this one was! The home of Atlanta celebrity chef Cam Lasky is invaded. Who is the Man in Black who is holding his family at gunpoint? Why did he target the Laskys? Did Cam's shady business dealings put his family at risk? Who could hate him this much, and why?

The family members are so well drawn. Wife Jade is our terrified narrator, resolved to do anything to keep her children alive. Beatrix is intelligent beyond her 9 years, but dangerously immature. 6-year-old Baxter is sweet, adorable and heartbreakingly guileless. How can they possibly make it through this ordeal? Belle's careful characterizations make this story all the more involving.

This is one of those paranoia-in-the-suburb books that makes me grateful to be a spinster.

3. What will you read next? I don't know. My TBR is growing by the minute!

I should say "yes" more

Friday night, I went out with friends. Kathleen, her husband Martin and I went to a local steakhouse. It's
old school -- lots of dark paneling, autographed photos of long-retired sportscasters on the walls -- but none of us had been there before. And the entree includes soup, salad and potato, nothing ala carte. I had prime rib with salad, French onion soup and baked potato. A LOT of food, and all delicious!

Even better, we had lots of lively conversation. I haven't spent time with them since September! It was wonderful to catch up.

This coming weekend, I have plans with John and Vanessa. I am looking forward to it. I haven't seen John in three months and Vanessa? I don't even remember the last time I saw her.

I used to find that "alone time" rejuvenates me. Now, after covid and the isolation that came with the pandemic, I've come to appreciate how being social nourishes me, as well. When people invite me out, I should say yes. I should initiate social contact more. It's time to start emerging from the covid cocoon.