Friday, April 12, 2019

April Prompt -- Day 12

"What is your perfect day?" 

I wake up on my own, not jangled by an alarm clock or disrupted by a skinny beige cat.

I take the #22 bus to Wrigley Field. It's a longer ride than the el, but it's scenic. Nice to see the neighborhoods roll by.

Get to the park and grab a hot dog and an adult beverage en route to my seat.

Enjoy sunshine and a lake breeze as I watch my heroes in Cubbie blue vanquish their opponents. I'll sing the stretch in the 7th and then, at the end of the game, join in "Go, Cubs, Go!"

Stop at my favorite Wrigleyville hole in the wall, Joe's on Broadway, and relive the game over a beer.

Ignore finance and forgo public transit, taking an uber all the way home.


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