Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: September in the Rain (1956)

1) This song refers to "leaves of brown." Can you see any leaves outside your window? What color are they? Still green.

2) It also mentions whispered words of love. What did you say last time you lowered your voice? "Here she comes." My officemate was telling me the amusing yet incredibly awkward story of accidentally running into one of our teammates when she was waiting for a blind date. At the good part, the girl came around the corner and I never heard the end of the story.

3) Clearly this song is about a treasured romantic memory that took place in autumn. Think about your favorite romantic memory. In what season did it take place? Autumn. I don't recall which specific month. A friend and I were taking a walk along the riverbank and I knew he wanted to kiss me and that we weren't going to be "just friends" much longer.

4) This week's featured artist, Julie London, was famous as a singer and actress. Less prominent in her bio is her appearance as a "pin up girl" in Esquire magazine when she was just 17. What's in your resume that you'd prefer to de-emphasize or gloss over? My first job. Because it was so long ago. I'm afraid that if I was interviewing now, I'd be "aged" out of the competition.

5) Julie recorded more than 30 albums and was named "most popular female vocalist" by Billboard magazine in 1956. If you could see any entertainer -- male or female -- in concert, who would you choose? I'd love to see Sir Paul again.

6) She became well-known to another generation when she appeared in the 1970s TV show Emergency! The younger actors credited her for keeping everything calm on the set. Who has a calming influence on you? My coworker Kevin. He's a dad. His "dadness" brings out the best in me.

The cast of Emergency! In 8th grade, we all thought the guy on the far right was so cute.
7) Her Emergency! costar was her husband, Bobby Troup, and the show was produced by her ex-husband, Jack Webb. Do you have an ex that you're on very good terms with? Yes. In fact, I'm Facebook friends with his wife. He recently became a grandfather for the first time, which made me feel very old.

8) Julie was a chain-smoker since she was a teenager and in the 1950s recorded a jingle for Marlboro cigarettes. Yet in the 1970s, when she saw Bobby Troup's health negatively effected by smoking, she pressed him to quit. Tell us about a time you found yourself in a "do as I say, not as I do" situation. I was sucking down my umpteenth Coke while chastising a friend about her smoking habit.

9) Random question: You have won an all-expenses paid trip to an exclusive resort in the Hawaii. When you get there, you discover that the private beach is bathing suit optional. Do you swim nude? Hell to the no. I'm too pale for such nonsense. It's a second degree burn just waiting to happen.