Sunday, October 25, 2020

Let me tell you about my Saturday

You know how some people can be accused of making their lives look better on social media? I'm not that girl.

First I got my hair cut/colored. Since I wear a mask throughout the procedure, I thought it was safe (wise, even) to wear a hydrocolloid pimple patch on the zit on my chin. I could multi-task: start healing my pimple while sitting in the chair. I was meeting my friend Nancy and her hubs for lunch afterward, so I'd have to remember to get to the restaurant ladies room, wash my hands, remove my mask, remove the patch and replace the mask before my dining partners arrived.

I forgot. I went through the entire lunch* with the patch clearly visible while I ate. I felt like such a jerk when I got home -- like I'd been walking around all day with my slip showing or toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

Then I did laundry. In our communal laundry room. I figured Saturday night was a good time to have the room to myself. I went down, disinfected every surface, washed one load of warm and one load of cold, followed by one load of tumble dry and one of high heat for my towels. Things were going along in blissful solitude. I was just about done when my neighbor came in the back door, spotted me, and wanted to talk condo board business.

At that moment, I was folding my massive white Hanes underpants. I'm also happy to report that, while I was wearing a mask and he couldn't see the new pimple patch I'd applied, I was wearing Crocs with socks. 

Me and Sheila E, living the glamorous life. 


*I had a grilled cheese and ham sandwich with fries and a root beer. $8.94. I mention this because of yesterday's Saturday 9, where it was reported that pop star Ellie Goulding tries to limit herself to $10 for lunch, which some viewed as a lot of money. Sitting at a Formica table, under fluorescent light -- watching Nancy enjoy her pizza-by-the-slice and a shake ($6.93) and hubs have a burger/no cheese, fries and Coke ($9.09) -- I didn't feel like one of the beautiful people. Of course, I was wearing a pimple patch, which will make any girl feel a bit declasse.