Thursday, July 08, 2010

Look who I met today

A coworker brought her baby boy into the office for the first time. It was fascinating to see him. Born mid-April, he's already so long and lean and friendly! It's a curious phenomenon to see the bump I spent day in and day out with as a fully-formed human being. And, after the loss we found out about earlier this week, it was heartening to see a baby, good to see life renewing itself.

Don't know if Mom is going to come back from maternity leave. We certainly need her, though she doesn't seem especially eager to leave him.

(This photo wasn't taken today. It's about 10 days old. Mom sent it to me because, well, guess who gave him the outfit!)

"Let's continue."

So said our fearless leader, Lou Piniella, after Wednesday's sweep of Diamondbacks. Our win streak has reached three! And trust me, this season that is cause for celebration!

I just wish the Dodgers -- our next opponents on this West Coast jaunt -- weren't so good this year. And I wish these weren't all night games! The late starts screw with my schedule -- I eat too much and forget to do my evening "Clean Me." I guess that means that the 2010 Gal is about as consistent and disciplined as her 2010 Cubs.

Amazingly enough, I saw a former coworker in the stands. I heard he'd retired to Arizona and there he was, sitting behind some Cubs fans in full Cubbie regalia whom the camera lingered on for a long moment. The Diamondbacks only pull less than 30,000 fans this year but still, what are the odds that I'd be able to recognize someone I know in the stands?

Oh well, it's time to sing myself to sleep with, "Go, Cubs, go ..." I shall dream of my team continuing their hot streak into the All-Star break.

Retirement becomes him

Doesn't my beloved future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux look happy in this picture? He met the press this evening after the Cubs game in Arizona. As assistant to the Cubs' general manager, he said all the right things about Zambrano, but then, he's always been perfectly appropriate with the press, so that's no surprise.

Now water coolers are another story ...

(I've missed you, Professor.)