Friday, December 19, 2014

I almost cried!

Got in this morning to find a big giftbag on my chair. Inside was a faux leather tote, similar to this one, but in cognac. Huh? What? Who? Why?

It was from one of my coworkers. She left last week for India, to visit her parents and her in-laws, but left instructions with one of my officemates to give it to me today, my last work day before Christmas. Even better than was the note:

"To the most thoughtful person I've ever had the good fortune of knowing. You spread the holiday cheer year around."

No, really!

It feels like people often view me as hard or tough. And I can be when I have to be. But I do work at being a good Christian, thinking of others and letting them know I value them. Apparently this 20-something across the way from me at work sees who I strive to be, even if I often fall short.

This unexpected present brought me so much joy today!

 PS This bag is going to Key West with me. I'll take a photo of it on the beach, to show my coworker how much I enjoy her gift.