Sunday, January 03, 2016


My tummy still isn't right. I'm headachey. A cold is beginning to kick in. If Downton Abbey wasn't about to come on, I'd curl up and take a nap right now.

The cruel thing is, tomorrow I have to go back to work. I DON'T FEEL GOOD!

I did something!

Of all my messy rooms, my den is the messiest. And unfortunately, I knew that my birth certificate was somewhere in there. I need that document because soon IL drivers' licenses won't be accepted by the TSA, and I'll need a passport just to fly from here to ... wherever I fly next. (Los Angeles? Williamsburg? Memphis? Boston? Atlanta?)

I found it. Yea!

Even better, while in there, I went through the closet. I'm parting with a lot of clothes. Most are going to Goodwill. I've set aside the better pieces for consignment. The middling pieces and the pieces that are for spring/summer are going to my sister and niece. I'm very proud of myself.

I was also happy to take stock of all the sweaters I never wore last year. The pullover I impulsively bought at Old Navy just before Christmas looks to be the only new addition to my wardrobe this winter, but it's the only thing I think I need.

Unfortunately, the room is still a hideous mess. I'll fill a bag of trash before I go to bed tonight. It'll barely make a dent. But I know I've done something and that knowledge makes me feel better.