Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Stealing

 Days of Gratitude

1. Name something in the room you are grateful for. My cat Connie is right here beside me. She's such a sweetheart.

2. Recall a favorite memory you are grateful for. My apartment is in the middle of a long hall. When I first moved in, my nephew really took off down that hall with delight. He was crawling and thrilled to have such a long expanse to traverse without obstacles. I still remember the joyous look on his face. That baby boy and I had lunch together yesterday. He's now 21.

3. Who helped you today? No one. It's still very early as I answer these questions.

4. What possession makes your life easier? My microwave

5. What’s the best thing that happened today? Again, it's very early so not alot has happened today. But I am happy to realize it's Sunday and I don't have to work. It feels luxurious.

6. Name something in nature that you are grateful for. I'm always happy to see the color of the sky. It always makes me happy. Light blue, bright blue, dark blue, it's all good.

7. What painful experience helped you grow?
 When bad things happen and I come through. There's always a morning. I've learned I just have to have faith that I can endure the dark night.

8. What is your best skill?
 I write well.

9. What person in your past are you most grateful for?
 My mom.

The first catalog I worked on
10. What risk are you most grateful for taking?
 40 years ago, I took a test to become a catalog copywriter at Sears, Roebuck and Co. It was the beginning of a career that I was arguably not qualified to embark upon. Looking back, I'm amazed by my chutzpah.

11. Name something/someone that makes you feel safe.
 I feel safe in my neighborhood.

 12. Name a challenge you have overcome.
 I was abused as a teen.

13. What small things are you grateful for today?
 Again, I'll go with my Connie cat. She's a compact little package of feline affection.

14. What smell are you most grateful for?
 Any of them! I had covid, and the first symptom was the loss of my sense of smell. I sniff things throughout the day, just to reassure myself I'm OK. PS The corona virus was terrifying. Don't be selfish. Think of your neighbors. Get vaccinated.

15. What is your proudest accomplishment. I've made mistakes, but they have been (for the most part) errors in judgement, not motivation. I am, on balance, a good person. I am proud of that.