Monday, April 20, 2020

From the front lines

Today I had a madcap Monday in the spring sun! The mercury topped 60ยบ and it felt so good to be out and about. I strapped on my Cubbie blue mask, donned my denim jacket, and headed off to ...

•  Target. Happy to report that this week, they have plenty of toilet paper and paper towels. No, that's not what I went in for, but this crisis has trained me to check that aisle.

There does seem to be a shortage of fresh meat and poultry. Instead of steak or pork chops, I ended up with a bag of frozen breaded chicken strips. That'll do. I had the voice of the Today Show consumer reporter in my head, who said in effect: you may not find your first choice, but you'll find what you need to feed your household.

•  Hamburger and fries. I promised myself, at the beginning of this crisis, that I would do what I can to support my local coffee shop. The owner works hard to run a good business. She sources locally, and takes good care of her staff. So today I picked up my lunch and tipped. This is the fourth time I've been in since last month, and every time I go in I'm greeted by someone else. It makes me feel good to see that she's giving hours to her waiters.

All together now

Gawd, people are dumb. Or maybe they're in love with their imagined victimization. There's a seamy underbelly of conservative bloggers who just whine, and whine, and then whine some more about staying indoors, wearing masks, social distancing and (my favorite) guns and ammunition being considered non-essential.

I hope that they don't get sick. But if they do, I hope they have the good taste and moral compass to stay home and not tax the health care system.

You're right. They won't. They'll be fucking operatic about their suffering then, too. Only then, they will put first responders and hospital workers at risk.

It doesn't help my mood that these bloggers tend to shoe horn Bible verses into every spleen-venting post. Please, leave my faith out of it! Christ did not teach us to be petulant and selfish. Find another excuse for your reckless and childish behavior.