Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Thursday Thirteen #144


This week marks my favorite niece's first away-from-home/college-dormitory birthday. One of the things I genuinely admire about her is how very good she is with money ... after all, it's not a trait that many of the women in our family share! Because she is so tight, I decided to allow her to save her own cash for things she wants by providing her with the boring, utilitarian stuff she needs, but won't set her pulse racing.

1) Hand sanitizer

2) Deodorant (2 sticks!)

3) Antibiotic spray (she's a cooking student so I think we can expect cuts)

4) Toothpaste

5) Crest White Strips

6) Cold tablets

7) Cough drops

8) Excedrin (Migraine Formula)

9) Tissue purse packs

10) Disposable razors

11) Cough drops

12) Oxi Clean Stain Remover Stick

13) A Walgreen's giftcard

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Oh, I remember now

This morning I was reminded why I seldom drink champagne. It's not that I don't like the taste -- I'm crazy about it. It's not that I don't appreciate the buzz -- it's one of the few things I enjoy even more than the taste. It's just that I cannot completely shake the after effects today. I am so sleepy and sluggish!

But it was worth it. My best friend was in town, the first time all year. We observed tradition and returned to Eno, where we shared flights of chocolate and champagne/sparkling wine. We had so much to toast, and we needed to do it right.

First of all, I'm OK. I'm not suffering from fatigue all the time (at least not when I'm dealing with a champagne hangover). I don't have cancer. Certainly that's worth celebrating!

We had to toast his daughters. The older girl is joining a handful of freshmen on a spring ("winterim") trip to Beijing. His younger daughter is still completely into her ballet. While she may not be the most naturally gifted, she's one of the most dedicated and certainly happiest dancers in the troupe and that, too, is worth raising a glass to.

And lastly, we're still us. This relationship means a great deal to both of us. We see one another more clearly than others do, perhaps because we allow ourselves to be more genuine/vulnerable with one another than we do with others. I just wish he was happier. It's not that he's blue, not at all. We had a wonderful time last night. He's just grayer and wearier than I'd like him to be.