Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm still legal

The State of Illinois wants to check my vision before renewing my driver's license. That's reasonable, as it's been more than a decade. If I were them, I'd make me take the driver's test, too, as I remember little if anything about operating a car. I shouldn't be licensed.

And so I'm not anymore. When I went in today I saved $10 and a lot of time by skipping the vision test and going for a state-issued ID. I really only used my driver's license when I boarded planes, checked into hotels or did banking. My new ID card will suffice. So I'm still legal.

The time I saved at the DMV I wasted in the Pedway. I got completely turned around. It's funny. I've worked in this city almost continuously since I was 17 years old, and yet I can still get lost!

Distracted by the wrong stuff

I can be such a jerk.

There's a letter on my dining room table from my cousin Rose. It's been there for weeks. Every day I'm going to answer it. But I forget to put it in my bag before I go to work. Or I don't have a notecard with me. Or those last chapters of the mystery I'm reading are just so compelling.

Got an anxious email from her last night. She tried calling when I was on the phone with my friend Barb and I messed up trying to navigate call waiting.* That, combined with my silence, worried her. "Write or give me a call. I love you and miss you."

I'm so sensitive about my own feelings and have been so thoughtless of hers. Hearts as good as hers are too important to take so casually.

Shame on me.

*I hate call waiting in both principal and, obviously, practice and wouldn't have it if it wasn't mandatory to my "bundle."