Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Questions of Age

1. By a certain age, a woman should just concentrate on being herself, not what people want her to be.

2. By a certain age, a man should just concentrate on being himself, not what people want him to be.

3. When I was young, I thought by now I would be dead. Really. I never thought I would live this long. I remember thinking when Elvis died, "What's the big deal? He had a life." Of course, the older I get, the older "older" becomes.

4. Now that I am older, I wish I had planned for the future.

5. You know that you are too old to do an activity when ... Saturday afternoon I saw a teenage boy running up the very stairs I took the elevator to avoid.

6. You know you are too young to do an activity when ... I'm old enough to do anything I want.

7. When I was in high school I listened to the music of Elton John. Not intentionally. I wasn't much of a fan. He was just ubiquitous.

8. When I was in college (or the next four years after high school) I listened to the music of The Four Seasons. They were way past their heyday, but that's when I got into them.

9. These days, at my age I find myself listening music of Frank Sinatra. Like with The Four Seasons, I discovered him in my own time. This one seems fitting for this Sunday Stealing.

10. For my last birthday I ran away. I like solo getaways and I wanted to treat myself to something. So I used my accumulated miles to go to Memphis and woke up on my birthday in Graceland. It was great!

11. On my next birthday I want to spend it with my oldest friend. It's a big birthday, and she's the one I share the most history with. So we're going to Las Vegas for a long -- and hopefully very silly and laughter-filled -- weekend.

12. The best birthday present I ever got was ... In 2015, my friend John got me tickets for the January 2016 Cubs Convention. I'd never been to it before, and the Cubs never won the World Series before. Coincidence?

13. The first time I felt that I was an adult was when I moved out of my parent's home. I was still in my teens and still had a lot of growing up to do, emotionally, but I was financially on my own forever more.

14. The last time I felt like I was still a kid was when my guys rewarded my lifetime of believing.

15. I would sum up 2016 by saying ...

I'll let Carrie speak for me one last time

16. I hope I will sum up 2017 by saying in December, "That was soooo much better than 2017."

17. So far in terms of age, I feel my first big milestone was 21

18. As I look forward to the rest of my life’s journey, I feel my biggest milestone of my life will be ... Sorry, I got nothing for this.

19. By the time I was the age I am now I am surprised that I haven’t yet figured out how to keep house. Really. I live in a sty. I just don't know how to pick up after myself!

20. By the time I am 65, I hope that I have a better handle on my finances. Pleasepleaseplease!