Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'd forgotten!

I'm spending a lazy day at home, spinning the dial, and came upon a most arresting sight (no pun intended). A very young Michael Douglas, smiling most winningly, as he gets information from the San Francisco PD crime lab. He was completely gorgeous! I'd forgotten.

So I googled one of my favorite Rolling Stone covers of all time -- Michael Douglas promoting The China System while holding his own bare-assed, cherubic baby boy. Babies and dogs ... Even the most gorgeous man looks more beautiful cuddling a baby or a dog.

He also starred in one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time, It's My Turn, with Jill Clayburgh. Never heard of it? That's OK, no one else has, either. I'm a cult of one.

When I see Michael Douglas now, he looks like a silly old man with with a particularly arrogant younger wife. I forgot what a fan I used to be.

Here's to you, Mother Earth

I just installed 2 of these energy saver bulbs in the light fixture/ceiling fan over my bed. (Still one conventional bulb left, but when it finally goes out, it will be replaced with one of these, too.)

They're made by GE and they fit in my bedroom fixture the way the spiral energy savers don't. I've been using them in my living room lamps for ages and can confirm what the package says -- they last much longer than regular soft white bulbs. They're not quite as bright as GE's regular soft white 60s, but really, how important is that? Especially when you consider that they last longer (resulting in fewer bulbs in landfills) and use less power (great for conservation) which means they cost less money (good for my wallet).