Friday, January 12, 2018

Hooray for Hollywood!

 It looks like Will has negotiated a better price for a smaller room at the venue of his choice, so our Classic Film Meet Up will go on! Yea!

I'm happy because it's fun to get my geek on with other geeks. And because I met Joanna there, and who knows what other new friend might be joining us in the future?

And because this makes Will happy. Our moderator really cares about this group and puts so much thought and attention into the schedule and then his Power Point presentation about each movie. It's his passion. It makes him happy to share it. And I get joy watching him do what's so dear to his heart.

Oh, Reynaldo!

Today my little man had major dental work. In addition to a thorough cleaning, he had one of his molars removed. It required anesthetic and pain meds and stitches. It was miserable for him.

He's home now. Sleeping soundly -- very soundly! -- in his favorite wintertime spot in front of the radiator. But when he wakes up, he'll be sore and I have a week's worth of additional pain meds for him. (Though the vet thinks a week's worth is a precaution; Rey should be feeling much better by Sunday.)

I'm exhausted. I worried about him all day, while he was under the knife. Now I'm exhausted with worry about his current condition. I love the little beige demon, and his welfare is my responsibility.

I don't know how people with children do it.