Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Want Wednesday

Right now, I just want everyone to be happy. Or maybe happier. Or perhaps just OK.

I don't think my oldest friend has any real idea what's going on with her daughter, a new freshman whose world view is disturbing and whose sense of self is rather flexible. I suspect this girl would benefit from a mom and dad who co-parent, despite their divorced status, but I'm quite sure that's not going to happen. I've learned that the opinion of barren spinsters is not always welcome at times like this, and I know my friend believes it's my sworn duty to dislike her ex. And I do! I could give chapter and verse as to why he's a douche! But I also believe he loves his daughter and that, despite all their clashes, she loves him and this situation worries me.

Kathleen still hasn't updated me on the next steps of her cancer treatment. Why not? What's up? If it turns out she does indeed need chemo, I have a recommendation for a terrific wig salon. I want to help, but I don't want to hover. (I can be an annoying hoverer, you know.)

My uncle's birthday was Saturday. I sent him a giftcard, but he never acknowledged it. That's OK, really. It's depressing that this former millionaire is now a ward of the state who needs the $25 I sent. Besides, he took my cousin, his only child, to court over a petty and completely baseless claim. If this is where his disease has taken him, I guess it's just as well I don't hear from him. "Old age is a shipwreck." That's what President Kennedy said after spending a day with his father, who had suffered a debilitating stroke. Ain't that just the truth.

My shrink is sad, too. (See below) And I can't do anything about it. Nor, I suppose, would it be appropriate for me to, since one of her recurring mantras is that I'm not expected to "fix" everything and everyone, nor am I even able to. Still, I think it sucks for her.

Yet somehow I'm in a good mood today. Really. I just wish I could bottle happiness like cologne and spray it on everyone I love.