Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Stealing

Sleepy Rambles

Have you ever eaten at restaurant and you realized you forgot your money? Yes. That's how I found out that the owner knew my name. I offered to leave my cellphone as "collateral" when I ran home to get my wallet but she said, "Oh, Gal, just pay next time you're in the neighborhood." I was so touched that of course I ran home as fast as my pudgy little legs could take me and returned with the money. It seems I was not only one of her first-ever customers, I left the restaurant's first YELP! review, the owner felt a kinship with me, even though we'd never spoken directly. Now, we chat every time we see one another.

True or false-you can pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time. Yes. But I never tried until just this moment. Who knew I was so gifted?

Do you prefer to drink out of cans or bottles? I think beer and soda from glass bottles taste better. There's a compelling argument, however, that cans have a smaller carbon footprint than bottles, so I more often buy cans. Just because that argument is convincing, it's not conclusive. So the most delicious and environmentally sound way to enjoy beer/soda is from the tap or fountain.

Do your socks match today? I'm sock free, at least right now. It's almost 70ยบ outside. Unusual for October. I'm taking advantage of it and letting my toes breathe a little.

What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it? The last book I
A life cut tragically short
finished was Helter Skelter. I recommend it because it introduced me to Rosemary LaBianca. She was one of the Manson Family victims, and usually is described as "wife of." She was much more than that. In the 1950s, she found herself a divorced mother of two with no means of support. She went from carhop to entrepreneur, who built a boutique business all on her own that was worth $1 million when she retired and married Leno LaBianca. She was such a good mother and stepmother that Leno's first wife only spoke about Rosemary in the most glowing terms. (How rare is that?) It's a coincidence that as I was reading Helter Skelter, Leslie Van Houten was approved for parole. Van Houten admits to stabbing Rosemary LaBianca at least a dozen times. Right now the only thing between Van Houten and freedom is Governor Jerry Brown. I don't believe in the death penalty, but I firmly believe Leslie Van Houten is exactly where she belongs, and she has no right to live free. Not after her savage participation in denying Mrs. LaBianca the right to live at all.

Are you currently borrowing something from someone? I borrowed money from Chase to buy this condo. I'm more than halfway done paying them back.
Write an extremely random statement. East and east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce, they taste more like prunes than rhubarb does. (Groucho Marx)

Are there any major holidays you don’t celebrate? I'm not big on Easter. Oh, I celebrate and revere the Resurrection at church and in my heart. But I don't dress up, don't color eggs, don't eat ham .... If I celebrate it at all, beyond the obvious and overriding Christian significance, it's because it means I'm that much closer to Opening Day.

What is one thing you will never understand? Water displacement and how stuff floats.

Have you ever stepped on a bee? No. Considering I'm very allergic to bee sting, this is serious shit and not a mere hypothetical for me.

What helps you wake up in the morning? Reynaldo. He looks sweet in this photo, and at times he is terribly dear, but he is not shy about letting me know he gets bored and hungry during those overnight hours.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Pumpkin spice Cheerios.

What is your favorite thing in your room? In this room? My favorite thing is the aforementioned Reynaldo.

Who was your first kiss with? David from up the block.

Do you worry about small things?
  I worry about all things!


Saturday I went to the optometrist to get my contact lens prescription updated/renewed. After examining me, the doctor refused to do it.

Apparently, without my even noticing it, my "dry eye" is back. He says it makes it impossible for him to assess my prescription.

So it's two weeks of eyeglasses and eyedrops. Hopefully in November, I'll get a clear bill of optical health and a new contact lens prescription.