Friday, November 04, 2022

Compassion Challenge: Day 4

We did this as a congregation in 2021 and I'm doing it myself this year. My life feels different now than it did 365 days ago, and I hope this will keep me grounded and help me live my faith.

Inspiring Compassion: The 30 Day Compassion Challenge. 30 days to explore the topic of compassion: Mindfulness, Compassion for Friends & Family, Self-Compassion, Compassion for All, Compassion for Our Planet

Today I indulged in self-compassion. I've had a rough month: kidney stone pain, lithotripsy, lay off, dental work, my niece's gallbladder surgery and the subsequent complications,* back aches, enrolling in Medicare, a snafu with Illinois Unemployment ... I deserve a break. So I gave myself one.

My calendar was completely empty. I stayed in bed past 9:00 AM, watching one of my favorite classics, Holiday. Then I lingered in the shower and listened to some baseball podcasts. I went to the movies and saw George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paradise. Now I'm watching another oldie (I'll Be Seeing You) in advance of Monday's movie group.

I like myself. I'm a good person. I deserve a no-stress, happy day!

*She suffered from a bile duct obstruction and was readmitted. She will be fine, but it upsets me that she was scared and in pain on her birthday.