Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Thursday Thirteen #288

The Way We Were. Remember when newsmagazines were the big thing? I do. Time and Newsweek used to arrive on Tuesday, and I would spend hours that evening comparing and contrasting the way they covered the same stories (yes, I am that nerdy). Now that everything has moved online, I have access to more news but I read it less carefully. I miss those days of lying on my tummy, flipping through glossy pages for hours.

Anyway, here are thirteen Time covers from 1982. Hard to believe that was 40 years ago! It gives us a little window into what and who mattered to us, way back then.

Personal computers were once a hard sell

Uh-oh! Salt isn't good for us.

Kids, computers & inflation

A faraway war

CNN makes an impact

Strong became sexier than skinny

What's going on with the stock market?

Political Action Committees & the '82 election

The DeLorean scandal

Imagine being able to order whatever you want without leaving the house!

What's going on with Russia?

I love Paul Newman in The Verdict

Who is really in charge of the Oval Office?

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