Thursday, June 23, 2016

I can't shake it

There's a feeling of dread enveloping me today. I'm sure that I'm a sitting duck, and the other shoe is about to land on my cranium.

2016 has been a very bad year. After all, it began with three months of chronic diarrhea. And when I think of all else that's followed -- everything from my own money trouble to hospitalized friends to the death of my dear Joey to issues with my family to bed bugs -- I fear that chronic diarrhea might the high point.

And now, for some reason, today I am afraid. Things are changing around me at work and I'm having a hard time reading the tea leaves.  I'm nearly 60, and advertising is not kind to the elderly. Plus my friend Barb has retired. She's always been my fall back, the one I figured I could count on for eating money if I needed freelance work. I hate myself that I am seeing her life change not in terms of her cancer surgery but through the prism of my self interest, but there you go. I try not to pull punches on this blog, and that is the way I feel.

June Challenge -- Day 23

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23. Put your iPod on shuffle and talk about the first 10 songs that pop up. 

1) Can't Help Falling in Love -- Elvis
2) Her Majesty -- The Beatles
3) It's Over -- Dusty Springfield
4) Honey Pie -- The Beatles
5) King Creole -- Elvis
6) I Wanna Marry You -- Bruce Springsteen
7) Touch Me in the Morning -- Diana Ross
8) Another Night -- Aretha Franklin
9) Don't Pass Me By -- The Beatles
10) Comin' In and Out of Your Life -- Barbra Streisand

This list amuses me because it just so happens to include my all-time favorite artists. I've got many one-hit wonder artists on my iPod, but they aren't here.

Obviously these aren't the best Beatle efforts, but I do have affection for them. And I included a link to the Streisand song. Babs often gets slammed for being a technical vocalist, who can be devoid of emotion. Well, with this song, she'll break your heart.