Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Idol Observation

It's Rock Week, and I'm pretty ambivalent about it.

Adam does Zeppelin. His performance was pretty straight up -- theatrical, but still of the Robert Plant school -- and I was disappointed. Adam's the guy who did a sitar-based "Ring of Fire" and performed last week as though he were the offspring of an unholy union between Sinatra and Elvis. I hoped he would do something equally original with "Whole Lotta Love," and he didn't. His vocal was impressive, but it was just so ... classic-rock-cover-expected. All four judges would tell you I'm full of shit.

Alison does "Cry, Baby." I completely loved the original and this was a little too similar. Alison isn't Janis and she suffered by comparison. But she's only 17, and Janis packed years-more maturity and pain into it. It was fine.

Kris does "Come Together." I'm a huuuuuuuge Beatle fan, and it's from that perspective I say this song is overdone and besides, it can only really be done by John. Performed by anyone else, the lyrics seem less trippy and more stupid. Reminds me of when the Brady Kids sang "American Pie."

Danny did Aerosmith. His version of "Dream On" was much, much better than I expected. Because my expectations were lower for Danny, I think I liked it more than I liked Adam's. Especially since, as with Adam, the judges would tell you I'm full of shit.

Who should go home? Kris.

Who will go home? Tough one. Maybe Allison. Kris has the teen angel thing going. Danny has superior vocals and he has the sensitive-widower-thing going. Adam is the most talented of the group and definitely my favorite, but after last week when he landed in the bottom two, I'm not sure America is ready for him.

Sounds sophisticated, don't it?

Your Soap Opera Name is Dara Courtney Reardon

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