Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to me -- part 5

My friend Mindy took me to brunch (I had gingerbread and hot chocolate) and then to a spa (I had a facial). I came home to get a gift from my cousin Rose, this set of Russian nesting cats. And there was a birthday card from a woman I knew back in the days when I babysat her children. How does she always manage it so that her card arrives exactly on the day?

Thanks to all of you in the blogosphere who wished me a happy birthday, and told me to buck up after yesterday's more sad celebration. You helped me feel better about facing today, and I am grateful

PS My kid sister posted a Facebook message for me, wishing me a happy "to you," because "to you" is what she called birthdays when she was little ... back when I still thought she was adorable. So I am taking that as a sign that she truly does want me to enjoy my day.

She doesn't know it yet, but ...

... I believe this is what Miss Snarkypants is buying me for my birthday. Thank you so much for the Amazon gift certificate!