Wednesday, September 08, 2021

And not a single roll of paper towels was thrown

I know, I know: Joe Biden looks old and Trump supporters like to make fun of him for that. I get it. Born in 1942, he's not the dewy and energetic stud 75-year-old Donald Trump is! Maybe Trumpers are just not used to seeing a POTUS who is not dipped in spray tan and Miss Clairol. 

And yes, Biden stumbles over words and reads from a teleprompter and perhaps that should be mocked, but not by people who enthusiastically support a man who can't pronounce "Yosemite" and depended on teleprompters and scripts as often as he didn't. 

I wonder if Trump and his son will depend on a teleprompter when they do color commentary for the upcoming Evander Holyfield fight? Yours for just $49.99. Why does Jimmy Carter waste his time helping others with Habitat for Humanity when he could charge people to listen to him talk about a (far) less than legit fight? No wonder Donald Trump Jr. mocks President Carter. SUCKER!

I'm glad Joe Biden is President simply because he has a soul. That's how low the bar has sunk post-Trump. If he can give a press conference without demeaning the reporters asking tough questions ... if he can tour the site of a natural disaster without throwing paper towels at those in need ... if he can respect the Capitol and our democratic process without inciting a riot ... well, I'm happy.

I recently read a biography of Ronald Reagan, a President whose policies I disagreed with vehemently but who I find I improbably miss for his civility. How strange that just being decent now looks like heroic. 

Most of all, there's this. It's an oldie but a goodie. Yes, it's funny. But it breaks my heart, too. Millions of Americans (a minority, for sure, but still ...) actually support this shit. I'd really like my Christian faith back.