Friday, March 27, 2009

Yup. I believe this is true.

Even though I seldom, if ever, check my Facebook account.

You Are Facebook

You are social, outgoing, and excited to connect to your friends.

You are interested in your friends' lives, and you enjoy adding your opinion to the mix.

While you enjoy sharing online, you don't want everyone to know your business.

You value your privacy. Your life is an open book to those you know but not to strangers.

Dear John Update

Last month my dear old buddy, John, was embarking on an almost-romance that had DISASTER written all over it.

I won't go into the entire complicated mess again (since you can read the whole thing here), but I've been worried about him. For some reason, it's always been easier for John and me to make bad decisions when it comes to amour. That's why I was so happy to receive this email today, in response to my tentative question about him and the much-younger (and sleazier) Robbie:

"I haven't talked to him in several weeks. Perhaps he took my advice to go back to St. Louis and regroup. If he's gotten a job, he's not told me. Every time I think I'll call him I just ask myself, why?"

Atta boy!

More about "The Bradford Curse"

Even more trouble for the already-suffering-from-more-than-their-fair-share Bradfords of TV's Eight is Enough.

'Charles in Charge' Star Willie Aames Holds Garage Sale After Bankruptcy, Suicide Attempt

Friday, March 27, 2009

Following a dramatic suicide attempt last Thanksgiving, cash-strapped former "Eight is Enough" and "Charles in Charge" star Willie Aames is selling off his belongings in suburban Kansas City.

Dozens showed up Thursday at a garage sale at his Olathe home, where Aames made deals with bargain-hunters and signed autographs.

A production crew filmed the sale for a TV show.

Items on sale included antiques, artwork, a piano, deer head mounts and TV and movie memorabilia.

The 48-year-old Aames has fallen upon hard times. After he declared bankruptcy and had his car reposessed, he says his wife of 22 years left him.

Willie then moved out of their Kansas home and rented a room in Los Angeles. On Thanksgiving, overwhelmed by the losses, he tried to take his own life.

"I stole a bottle of Jack Daniel's from the guy I was renting the room from," Willie tells the magazine. "I'd been sober for 20 years when I took that first drink... It got so bad, I put a knife to my throat and cut myself in six places."

Vacationing with Geek Gal

Last year, when I went to the very spa I'm visiting next week, I brought a book about the Lincoln assassination. It was the book I happened to be reading and it didn't occur to me that it was at odds with my restive and rejuvenating surroundings until I got there.

This year, here's what's atop my TBR list:

Oxygen -- a novel about an anesthesiologist who makes an error during a routine surgery and "must explain the nightmarish operating room disaster and face the resulting malpractice suit." (A friend survived a harrowing anesthesia incident almost a year ago.)

Clara's War -- "The heart-stopping story of a young girl hiding from the Nazis ... from her years in an underground bunker with 17 other people." Could anything be further away from the luxury of a spa?

And I'm still reading The Kennedy Legacy. JFK is still in the White House, Bobby is Attorney General and Ted is preparing to run for Senate. Everything is rosey now, but in the remaining 200 pages I have two assassinations, Chappaquiddick, divorce, miscarriages, plane crashes and brain cancer to look forward to. Good times!

I'm really phenomenally geeky, aren't I? I'll have to bring Glamour and Allure with me, too. Just to make sure leaven the heavy subject matter with skincare and fashion advice.