Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 28

Movies! Not only the one I saw at the theater (see below) but look what I found on Comcast On Demand. The ultimate escape!

Movies are such a reliable, cheap high.

Thank you, Ryan Gosling

I have been obsessing about my upcoming surgery. I know that accomplishes nothing and I try not to do it, and yet ... Look, I'm about to be gutted like a fish in order to find out if I have cancer. It IS kind of a big deal!

So today I did what I always do when the going gets tough: I go to the movies. This afternoon it was Crazy, Stupid Love. It's a very funny, completely charming movie starring Steve Carrell. But the revelation in it was Ryan Gosling.

Last time I saw him was in Blue Valentine, where he played a loving but balding, underachieving pot-smoker/house painter. Jacob in Crazy, Stupid Love could not be more different. He's slick and snarky and funny ("the skin under your eyes is starting look like Hugh Hefner's ball sack") and oh, my!

It's a movie-stealing performance. I found myself waiting for him to reappear. And his Jacob made me forget about my compromised innards for a while.

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The August 20 Question Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. What's for breakfast? Cheerios.

2. Do you read a newspaper daily? Monday through Friday. I read it each morning on the train to work.

3. What do you do when you can't sleep? Read one of the books or magazines near my bed for just that purpose.

4. Say a word that sums up your mood. Impatient!

5. Do you remember your dreams? Just the really wacky ones. Like the one where Burt Reynolds tries to intimidate me before I can testify against his son.

6. Name something from your dream last night. I can't recall last night's dream. Had to do with Hurricane Irene. I don't recall the specifics -- meaning Burt Reynolds must not have been harassing me.

7. Name a food that describes you. Eggs. I am a woman of many moods -- ranging from over easy to scrambled.

8. Today you are wearing: Shorts and a t-shirt.

9. What's in your pockets? Lip balm, a tissue and some change.

10. Did you sing in the shower today? Oh, God. I did. I sang along with Captain and Tenille on shower radio. "Do that to me one more time/once is never enough/with a man like you ..." I can't remember where I left my keys, but I have retained all these lyrics. Oh well, at least it wasn't "Muskrat Love."

11. What's the last song you heard? "Sweet Nothings" by Brenda Lee. It's on the soundtrack of An Education.

12. Looking forward to the holidays? Yes. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends in Key West.

13. Where do you want to be this instant? One month in the future! I want to be looking back on my upcoming surgery, instead of fearing it.

14. What's for lunch? There's some ham in the refrigerator ...

15. What's something you would like to do soon? Hug my best friend. I miss him something awful.

16. Reading anything now? What is it? Mini Shopaholic. Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is Lucy Riccardo for the new millennium.

17. What's for dinner? That feels like a lifetime away!

18. A favorite part of the day is: Early evening as the sun goes down

19. Are you happy? Usually I'm happy. But at this particular juncture, no. I don't feel well.

20. Guess how many people will do Sunday Stealing this weekend? 41