Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Right back in it again

Back to the old grind after two weeks away from the office. Life in the real world is a mixed bag.

I skipped my workout yesterday because I figured the gym would be filled with newbies whose resolution is to lose weight, but I did brown bag my lunch. YEA! That's an easy moneysaver  I resolved to do at least once each week.

I brought one of my more troubling coworkers, Blondie McBlonderson, a souvenir from Key West. It was a tiny thing -- just a postcard of Robert the Doll -- but it seemed to make her happy. Being more positive with her is something else I'm working on because it's compassionate and decent and because it may make my own day go easier. So that gets a YEA!

When I got home last night, I was exhausted and had a headache. I think part of it was being back to the old routine. Part of it was dealing with the commute in 0ยบ. Consciously I kind of dig it -- after last year's subzero January, it didn't feel bad at all. But I think it depleted me physically all the same. So instead of dejunking my house last night, I napped. BOO! 

But today I worked out. First time in 2015. YEA!