Friday, August 02, 2013

2013 August Happiness Challenge -- Day Two

Today's happiness: The Village Book Fair. I'm so glad that I live in a village of book lovers, where the library has three branches, and the annual fundraiser is an event.

It always offers such great values, too. This year my find was Killing the Blues, the continuation of the late Robert Parker's Jesse Stone series as taken over by a new author, Michael Brandman. I've been curious about Brandman. So I got a like-new hardcover for $2 -- and it was a charitable contribution, too!

I also got a biography of Bruce Springsteen and a handful of Agatha Christie paperbacks (50¢ each!)  to send to the troops in Afghanistan. According to Operation Shoebox, our soldiers really appreciate light reading.

Another thing I enjoy about the book fair is seeing which book is so over. There's one every year -- the book my neighbors bought in big numbers and then decided, seemingly at all once, to discard.

In 2006, it was The Corrections.
In 2007, The Nanny Diaries.
In 2008, The Da Vinci Code.
In 2009, My Life by Bill Clinton.
In 2010, Scarlett, the Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with The Wind.
In 2011, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.
In 2012, Sixkill by Robert B. Parker (a Spenser mystery)

In 2013, it's The Da Vinci Code all over again. I wonder how Dan Brown would feel about this dubious honor.


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